Welcome to the brave new world of the liquidity protocol converging DeFi with TradFi.

The place where corporate debt 
 marketplace meets crypto loans.
Earn high yield on stablecoins
Soil offers fixed, over the standard and reliable yield on stablecoin. The attractive yield is powered by cashflows of "real world" economy enterprises.
Debt marketplace for corporations
Soil is a debt marketplace where external crypto projects and traditional economy companies can get flexible and accessible crypto financing
Cash borrowing against crypto
Get immediate access to cash on your bank account, secured by corresponding crypto deposit locked on Soil protocol
Market expectations addressed by Soil
get stable, attractive and guaranteed yield on stablecoins and access to immediate cashon bank account
access to flexible, cheap, and easy to get corporate debt
soil token (SLX)
entitlement to higher yieldon crypto loans and expositionto token price appreciation through sewn—in mechanism capturing protocol’s growth
Why invest in SLX token?
unique, deflationary 
access to immediate fiat 
 on bank accounton preferential terms
entitlement to higher 
 yield on crypto loans
high potential for price 
thanks to sewn-in mechanism capturing protocol’s growth
experienced team